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Contact us and Donate!

Thanks to the following for supporting the maintenance of the Zink Registry!

Pole Position Supporter -- Russ McBride

Jim Garry

Eric Pickering

Scott Fairchild

Contact Email:


If you'd like to add your car to the Registry, send the following information to Garey:

Model: (as noted on the inside page of the Logbook)
Year Made: (known or best guess)
Current Owner: (However you want to be listed)
When acquired: (known or best guess)
Production Number: (From logbook, might be the roll bar/logbook number)
Car Details and ownership history: (this is the info that comes up when you click on a picture on my website. The most important thing from a historical perspective is the most complete ownership history possible, including dates of transfer. You can click on my Z16 for an example. You can also include anything significant about the car, updated body, brakes, complete restoration dates, significant wins and championships in addition to the Runoffs.)

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