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Welcome to the red road racing home page!

Meet The Driver

Garey has spent many years working with race cars of many kinds. He got his first taste of automotive entusiasm from the Lofy family, particularly autocrossing with Fred Lofy. He first went racing as a volunteer crewman for former FIA World Champion and current vintage racer, Ed Swart. Ed raced a variety of cars ranging from his FIA championship Abarth SP2000 to Chevron FB and Sports Racers and they traveled to legendary tracks like Road America, Laguna Seca, and Riverside (RIP). Garey also had the opportunity to work with Bob Lee and his spectacular Can-Am cars. After two years at Electramotive Inc. as a student Engineer for the Nissan IMSA GTP Championship winning teams, he moved into SCCA, preparing Dino Crescentini's AutoSpecialty Alfa-Romeo GTV GT-3. That team finished on the podium in it's only trip to the SCCA Valvoline RunOffs in 1991.

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cool car picture one cool car picture one
cool car picture one

What Does The Name Mean?

Garey is of the Chumash Tribe in California and since his stay on the Tule River Reservation during the summer of 1997, he has been on the "Red Road" toward Spirituality and a closer contact with The Creator. Although the term has a special meaning for many Native Americans, it also seems appropriate for racing!